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Mold Testing in Richardson, TX

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that thrives in the natural environment. However, certain conditions can cause mold levels to increase in your home or business premises. While you may not always detect the presence of mold until it begins to grow out of control, a mold testing service from Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Richardson should accurately reveal its presence, as well as its characteristics.

The Difference Between Mold Testing and Inspection

The difference between mold testing and inspection can be hard to pin down, and you may find yourself confusing one for the other.

Mold Inspection

Mold inspection involves the visual assessment of an enclosed space for mold. It is usually completed using the expertise of the mold inspector, as well as specialized equipment, like infrared cameras, moisture meters, and borescopes. Fundamentally, mold inspection confirms the presence or potential of mold growth, and the specific areas which will need to be treated.

Mold Testing

On the other hand, mold testing checks for the type and amount of mold spores present in a location. It is usually completed using air sampling pumps, swab materials, tapes, and sample collection tools. Also, mold testing processes like air quality sampling may require you to take samples from outdoors. After that, the specialist can confidently perform mold remediation.

However, mold testing is best done after a mold inspection session has revealed the presence of mold, or when there is no clear sign of mold, but you need to confirm mold growth or its lack.

Mold Testing & Inspection
Mold Testing & Inspection
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How to Choose the Right Mold Testing Service

DIY mold testing can be very unsafe for you. But hiring the wrong service providers can even cause you more harm than good. First, you will have wasted your money, and you'll still be unsure of the kind of mold you're dealing with. So, below are points you must consider while choosing a mold testing service provider:

  • Their Field Experience. Employing mold testing professionals without relevant experience in the field will be no different from trying DIY methods. Our team has all the experience required and can professionally test for mold, even in uncommon corners of your home.
  • The Laboratory They Use. Your preferred mold testing service provider must work with licensed independent laboratories. We do, and so you can rely on the results you will receive.
  • Their Proximity to Your Location. This may seem unimportant but getting a mold testing service provider within your city saves you logistics costs that may be included in your bill. Hiring a service provider within your locality also means you can conveniently schedule a pre-test consultation, and scheduling may be even easier than expected.
  • The Training and Certification of their Technicians. A professional service provider's license is very different from a mold testing technician's one. Mold experts should have undergone specific training and certification on various mold-related techniques. Always ask to see these certifications before using a mold testing service.

Black Mold and Its Effects on Health

Black mold is a mold strain that is of concern to mold experts. It is highly toxic and must be treated with maximum care and protection. If you suspect black mold or its spores in your home, you must seek professional help as soon as possible. When you are exposed to the toxins secreted by black mild for extended periods, you place yourself at the risk of suffering health issues like:

  • Severe coughing and sneezing
  • Skin dryness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes.

Black mold can also trigger an asthma attack in asthma patients. Therefore, it must be eliminated as soon as revealed in a mold test.

Do You Need the Best Mold Testing Service in Richardson?

If you live in Richardson, TX, and its environs, do not look further for a mold testing service provider. We are not only registered and licensed to carry out mold testing, but we also work with our partners at O2 Mold Testing, experts who have been rigorously trained and are experienced in dealing with different types of mold, from simple infestations to the most complex. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority. So, we will ensure that we will detect mold so it can be removed completely.

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