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Mold Remediation Services in Richardson, TX

Mold infestation is pretty common in areas prone to water damage and leakages. When not handled promptly, this can lead to high levels of infestation, eventually becoming a health hazard and causing destruction to property. Mold is known to worsen the condition of individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions and rot in wood and upholstered materials.

To protect your loved ones from respiratory illnesses and property damage, you should contact mold remediation experts as soon as you see any mold traces in your home or after you've got results from mold testing & inspection. If you are wondering where to find mold remediation services in Richardson, Texas, you can have mold removal specialists at your front door in no time by calling us at 469-453-1444

Why Choose Us?

Carpet Cleaning Richardson is a certified local mold remediation business in Richardson, Texas. Our team of mold specialists are well-versed with mold removal and restoration; for years we have helped keep residential and commercial buildings in Richardson free from mold infestation. The team is well trained in using specialized equipment and Eco-friendly solutions to leave your home or office safe and free from mold.

Our approach to mold remediation ensures proper mitigation, cleaning, and damage restoration, making us the best mold remediation business in Richardson. With us time is not an issue as we are available anytime any day, get in touch with us now for an estimate by calling us at 469-453-1444.

Mold Remediation Service
Mold Remediation Service
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Our Mold Remediation Process

Since we have been in the business for a long time, our team of experts has a foolproof mold remediation process that ensures your mold problem is well taken care of. Mold can easily spread to unaffected areas if proper containment measures are not put in place. Re-infestation is also a major problem if mold colonies are not eradicated. Our mold remediation process is designed to solve the above two issues and ensure you get your value for money.

Check out the mold remediation process below:

  • Mold containment - This is one of the most important steps of the indoor mold removal process, once we identify the affected areas, we ensure the area is sealed to stop the mold from spreading to uninfected areas. We ensure all air ducts and vents are fitted with air filters or are sealed to avoid mold spores from moving to other areas of the building.
  • Vacuuming - HEPA vacuums are used to remove mold spores resting on the surfaces of the infested room to avoid future growth of the mold.
  • Mold cleaning - We use certified Eco-friendly antibacterial and antifungal cleaning agents to efficiently kill and eradicate the mold colonies and clean all infected surfaces.
  • Damage Restoration - During this stage, our experts examine the extent of damage to the property and check for any rot in furniture, drywall, and baseboards. Depending on the extent of damage, they identify what can be salvaged and what to discard for replacement.
  • Deodorization and dehumidification - by this point, all the mold has been effectively cleaned, however the home has to be kept free from odor and moisture. Upholstered fabric, clothes curtains, and rugs are deodorized and sanitized to leave them smelling fresh and free from bacteria.

If you are living in Richardson, Texas, and its environs, protect your loved ones from mold-related respiratory illnesses and your property from mold damage by getting in touch with us for thorough mold removal and restoration.

Our experts are always available! To make sure we maintain this level of service for our customers, we have chosen FDP Mold Remediation as our partner for large and complex mold remediation jobs. They are fully licensed, certified, and insured, for your complete peace of mind.

Book an appointment today with the help of our customer care representatives - just call 469-453-1444.

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